The wonderful world of occasions is still one that is huge. People still regularly buy a car that is ‘off the head’ and that means that the market is one that gives a lot of insights into user behavior, purchasing behavior and quality differences between various car brands. The latter in particular is a very interesting one. It is still believed that Germans are extremely solid and that Italians and Frenchmen have little reliability. Through  Business Insider Netherlands it  became clear what the 10 most reliable occasions are and the results are quite surprising.


The British insurance company Warranty Direct has compiled an index based on their own figures. This index obtains figures and characteristics from various aspects concerning the insurance of cars and the repairs that may or may not result from them. The so-called Reliability Index indicates which cars are the most reliable. An average of 100 points on the index is used. Cars that score more than 100 points are more unreliable. Logically, cars below 100 points are more reliable. The results are quite surprising.

Incidentally, cars are called reliable or unreliable based on a combination of factors. In this way repair costs per year are also taken into account – over a period of 5 years. In addition, it is examined how often a specific model goes to the garage for repair. For example, the Toyota IQ (# 1) has a high repair amount, but the frequency of repairs is lower. This explains why it is not just the costs that are incurred. The frequency height is also crucial. And let that just be very low with this Toyota.


It immediately becomes clear that a large number of cars in the top 10 come from Asia. That is where German reliability goes. Although, it is of course an image that is somewhat distorted by the inclusion of repair costs. When you go to the garage with your Porsche 911 for a repair, it is very likely that you walk out a few hundred to thousands of euros lighter. Sometime the limit of the combination frequency / costs is so high that your car ends up low in this index by definition. Incidentally, it is a good thing for he / she who is just looking for a reliable second-hand.